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Program 2008

the 10th international festival of performance art Navinki 2008
29 August - 1 September
International performance art festival NAVINKI takes place annually in Minsk, Belarus since September 1999. It became regular art event, bringing international artists together every autumn in Minsk. The significance of an art event can be measured with its scale or with a fame of participating artists - we see it in our audience. And we like to believe that it is the reason why many artists love to come to Navinki festivals. And it is the reason for us to keep it running. In performance art an artist meet audience face to face, it is person to person meeting, even when crowded, where sincerity and interest in each other is the key to success. No secrets here.
"Navinki" in Belarusian means "new things", "new events" and similar, it is something you would experience with new meeting, a new meaning, a new turn, something new in yourself. Respecting it as important value the festival never had any other specific theme or topic.
This year the festival celebrates its 10th edition from the 29th of August till the 1st of September. Along with meeting new artists and performances what's new with the festival itself? It reveals its new facets in collaborations. The most visible becomes successful recent years collaboration with art school in Boston (SMFA); and with this year project "Navinki-Weld international performance art meetings" together with Weld (Stockholm) the festival will open performance art workshops for public in Minsk (29-31 August) as a part of its program and then (11-14 September) the festival will travel to Stockholm for the second session of Navinki-Weld performance meetings. In such way Navinki2008 festival and Navinki-Weld project become integrated one into each other.
D. Romanovski

Navinki2008 festival participants including Navinki-Weld participants in Minsk
Australia: Tony Schwensen
Belarus: Victor Petrov, Dmitriy& Tatiana Mayboroda , Alexandr Sarna , Nataliya Lisovskaya, Sergej Zdanowicz,Juras Barysewicz , jana-try-jon group, Nikolaj Dranicz
Germany : Jurgen Fritz
Japan: Seji Shimoda
Poland: Waldemar Tatarczuk, Wojcieh Stefanik
Singapore: Lynn Lu
Sweden: Erik Wijkström, Anna Koch, Marit Lindberg, Katarina Nitsch , Staffan Mossenmark
Switzerland: Sandra Schnellmann, Markus Gossi, Ruedi Schill , Monika Gunther , Andrea Saemann
UK: Neil Jefferies
USA: Thomas Stevenson.

Navinki-Weld performance meetings in Minsk and the 10th international performance festival Navinki2008, program by days

29 August, Palace of Arts (street Kozlova, 3)
13.00 – Festival start working, conference hall
Two Navinki-Weld participatory workshops in the 1st day:
13.00 – 15.30 Erik Wijkström, Staffan Mossenmark, Marit Lindberg (Sweden)
15.30 – 18.00 Victor Petrov, Nataliya Lisovskaya, Wojcieh Stefanik (Belarus, Poland)

30 August, Palace of Arts (street Kozlova, 3)
11.30 – Festival Opening
11.45 – 19.00 Performances:

  1. Thomas Stevenson (USA)
  2. Dmitriy & Tatiana Mayboroda (Belarus)
  3. Neil Jefferies (UK)
  4. Waldemar Tatarczuk (Poland)
  5. Victor Petrov (Belarus)
  6. Nataliya Lisovskaya (Belarus)
  7. Andrea Saemann (Switzerland)
  8. Jurgen Fritz (Germany)
  9. Markus Gössi (Switzerland)

31 August, Palace of Arts (street Kozlova, 3)
11.00 –13.00 Navinki-Weld participatory workshop Katarina Nitsch, Dmitri Mayboroda, Tony Schwensen (Sweden, Belarus, Australia)
13.00 – 19.00 Performances:

  1. Lynn Lu (Singapore)
  2. Ona-3-On group (Belarus)
  3. Wojcieh Stefanik (Poland)
  4. Sandra Schnellmann (Switzerland)
  5. Anna Koch (Sweden)
  6. Ruedi Schill & Monika Günther (Switzerland)
  7. Sergey Zdanowicz (Belarus)
  8. Seiji Shimoda (Japan)

1 September, the lake Vyacha
12.00-17.00 – the lake Vyacha

    • Erik Wijkström (Sweden) – whole day
    • Alexander Sarna (Belarus)
    • Nikolay Dranicz (Belarus)
    • Vladimir Volkov (Belarus)
    • Juras Barysewicz (Belarus)
    • Tony Schwensen (Australia)

    The 10th international festival of performance art NAVINKI 2008 and Navinki-Weld Performance Meetings are realized in collaboration with: Association for Contemporary Art performance gallery TEN, Cervantes Institute, Goethe Institute in Minsk, Kungl. Konsth?gskolan, OSI, Polish Institute in Minsk, Polish Institute in Stockholm, ProHelvetia, SMFA Boston, Swedish Institute, Weld.

    Navinki-Weld Performance Meetings is a collaboration project between Weld (Stockholm) and Navinki international festival of performance art in Minsk Belarus.
    The project will take place in Minsk and in Stockholm:
    - in Minsk, as a part of Navinki festival 29-31 August 2008;
    - in Stockholm, 11-14 September 2008.
    Navinki-Weld performance meetings will take different forms and will engage artists, neighbourhood locations in various ways of communication with performances, open workshops, creative participation of public audience, artists talks, artists walks and similar.
    The 1st part (in Minsk) will involve performance artists from Belarus, Sweden, Poland and other countries; three collaborative open public workshops on performance art as a part of the 10th international performance festival Navinki 2008. Invited artists and public audience will experiment together, gain assistance and learn from each other in collaborative way of doing performances together. Each workshop will be lead together by 3 performance artists. Invited artists will come with preliminary prepared or improvised propositions to be realized during the workshop, although, initial ideas might get modified in the process achieving understanding and collaboration between each other.
    The 2nd part (in Stockholm) will take place 11-14 September 2008 in Stockholm and will gather participants from Sweden, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Spain and Hong Kong. The event will be hosted by Weld and will take place at the Weld studio and activated surrounding area outdoors the upper part of Nortullsgatan. The program will focus on artists' performances, workshops and presentations. It will open up to a wider audience to experience international performance art in a local context, to activate the local area and new spaces for creativity, to explore the current fields, topics and dynamics of performance art. Artists' talks with international participants will take place within the Navinki-Weld performance meetings.
    In collaboration with Kungl.KonstHögskolan Boris Nieslony will give a lecture (9 Sept 2008) and 2 days workshop (10-11 Sept 2008)at KKH.

    Navinki-Weld performance meetings participants in Stockholm
    Belarus/ Nataliya Lysovskaya, Victor Petrov, Tatiana & Dmitriy Majboroda
    Hong Kong / Ko Siu Lan
    Germany / Boris Nieslony
    Poland/ Janusz Baldyga, Wladyslaw Kazmierzcak & Ewa Rybska
    Spain / Valentin Torrens.
    Sweden / Erik Wijkström, Marit Lindberg, Katarina Nitsch, Gustav Broms

    Navinki-Weld performance meetings in Stockholm, program by days, September 2008.
    9th-11th Sept lecture and workshop by Boris Nieslony at the Kungl.KonstHögskolan
    11 Sept. 19:00 Weld Talk opening; artists' performances;
    12 Sept. 11:00-15:00 artists' talks.
    16:00-22:00 public performances at the Weld and outdoors;
    13 Sept. 11:00-14:00 artists talks
    16:00-22:00 public performances at the Weld and outdoors;
    14 Sept. 11:00-12:00 closing: Weld Walk.

    Navinki-Weld Performance Meetings organizers: Denis Romanovski (International Festival of Performance Art Navinki 2008), Anna Koch (Weld) in collaboration with: Svenska institutet, Polska institutet, Instituto Cervantes and Kungliga Konsthögskolan

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