Janusz Baldyga

Born in 1954

Warsaw, Poland


The performer invites us into the dimension of subtle energies that remain untouched until the artist brings them into motion by a gesture. He brings life into an invisible dimension. Then starts a change in the spiritual borders, energy fields between him and the spectators. Their common action is based on fascination, not on some conventional simplifying events. This is a subtle game, its personal choice being perfect. The performer overcomes the powers of outer resistance to the moment when the common borders of the action emerge and runs the action to its final crucial point. The borders are moving to the centre or the periphery. The action circle can be crossed by horizontal energy thinned to a thread. Things and objects change from action to action, outlining a search for new qualities and new substances of gestures, words and signs finding themselves on the border of perceptibility and realisation of a visible and invisible reality. We are creating ourselves together with the performer. The performer dressed in a white shirt and black trousers is sucking red wine with a plastic hose wrapped over him. The wine is circulating through the hose and flowing out into a black chute, drawing a circle on the floor. The circle is marking the limits of the space. After that the performer is moving along the circle, throwing out white pieces of paper which, soaked by the wine, are fixing the author’s grapheme. On the periphery of the circle the author is hanging a heavy shield where he is writing the word “End” by two hands. He is fixing a string to the centre of the shield and pushing it into the circle. Holding the shield, he is splitting the space of the circle. Coming out of the circle, he makes the shield fall into the outlined space.


In the other performance the author is moving along the wall stepping on jars filled with water and turned upside down. The scotch tape stuck to the wall is wrapping over his body.