Bartolome Ferrando

Born in 1951

Valencia, Spain


Over 4 minutes the performer has been organising the sound-and-verbal signal. He is saying the name and the make of the red wine brought from Spain. The bottle opened, the performer is biting a piece of the cork and starts chewing it. The chewing changes the timbre of the next words. The wine from the bottle is slowly, by portions, being poured on a heap of soil, which, absorbing the wine, changes the sound. As the performer is chewing more and more of the cork, it gets more difficult for the spectators to make out the name and the make of the wine. The soil is swallowing the wine.


In the other performance the author puts on a crash helmet with a high antenna reminding a winch. A double side pig’s hoof hanging on a string is slowly taken with the improvised winch from the bucket tied to the performer’s body. While doing this, the performer is whistling “Happy Birthday to you”. Then he puts on large gloves, the inside of which is made of raw meat and starts walking around greeting the spectators. A refined performance and a celebration from Spain.