Dorte Holbek

Born in 1964

Copenhagen, Denmark


The performer dressed in a white lacy frock and white mask is slowly entering the action space. She is moving along the hall. A large white circle is marked up on the floor. A low whispering sound comes from the tape-recorder hanging on the artist’s back. She is writing mysterious signs and letters on the mask. As if bringing the symbol of a cross into the action space she is marking the four cardinal points. The words “You are my love, my blood, my death” are directed to each point. Different objects: children’s boots and a small drum are present in the action. A piece of meet is being cooked in a frying pan, a raw animal heart is put on the floor and is pierced with arrow. They’re four marble columns within the white circle. The performer is applying some white paste on each column, uttering some magic phrases. The action remains a mystery, but everything that has been collected is given out, and everything that has been in the soul is said out. “Red Love White” – possibly blood and soul, body and spirit in love?