Jozsef R. Juhasz

Born in 1963

Nove Zamky, Slovakia


The performance consists of separate actions each based on different self-reflections, creating a complicated context of events, stories directed by the performer. In the centre there’s a large screen with fragments of war documentaries running on it. On the right there’s an old lady in a cup-shaped hat sitting on a TV-set. She is reading Belarusian love poems. On the TV there’s a video with the performer’s head monotonously moving among white birch trees. On the left there’s a portable gas-stove on which the performer is frying corn seeds. He takes them from cup-shaped hat at the same time throwing cigarette ashes into it. A vacuum cleaner is added to the whole action. It is blowing the air to the plastic hose, which crawl’s over the spectators, drawing their attention to the tactile game.