Wladislaw Kazmierczak & Ewa Smigielska

Slupsk, Poland


The performers represent their action in different contexts simultaneously. They observe social aspect as a means of making personal choice for a spectator to point at this or that social event – an event that can form behavioural impulses of the collective Subconsciousness, means of manipulating the crowd, which come from the mass media, politics, music etc. to make people obedient and the society indifferent. The performers act as masters of a reverse influence, aiming at persuading people that each one is an individual, not a slave of a mechanical interaction with a sleeping consciousness. The performers use various methods of visualising their intention (those of advertising – a means of manipulating people masses, grotesque, irony, special video and sound effects) proving that human potential is self-sufficient without a notorious political chatter, techno music or other ideological influences taking energy from people. Wladislaw Kazmierczak’s and Ewa Smigielska’s performance has a touch of a refined aestheticism of the form, proportions, objects and their interaction in the complex of ideas creating a sophisticated game. That is why a social aspect is connected with existence of the performer’s personalities. Dressed in elegant black suits, white shorts, bow ties and white gloves the performers start a new action limiting their space with some conditional borders. Straight black and yellow lines of a scotch band are organising the place. Accompanied by a monotonous electronic beat the performers slowly cross the space along the marked lines within which they have to stay filling the rigid space with themselves. They walk along the lines and hanging plummets, holding them in hands and mouths or disbalancing it by palms. A constant electronic beat is changed into the retro music of the French chanson. Squares and circles increasing in number are put on their necks and hands. The performers all in squares and circles, which have become an element of a decoration and a game, are dancing waltz.