Przemyslaw Kwiek

Born in 1945

Warsaw, Poland


The artist goes on with the discussion underlying his creative activity – the independence of a person in art and the mechanisms that help each state and its bureaucracy create conveniences for itself, moving its “feeding trough” from one group of people to another. The mechanisms of manipulating a person are connected with conformism and venality. The performer with a hand-woven hand-towel over his shoulder is holding an artificial head, stressing the fact that the action is a living act taking place inside another action. The idea is to realise and criticise the methods of an artist’s adaptation to the so-called bureaucratic “realities”. Conformity seems to have become the foundation for an artist’s behaviour. Bureaucrats are giving alms, some artists are painting flowers and lyrical abstractions to be patted and fed. The performer is demonstrating mechanisms and the reverse side of dependence, talking about the essence of social mechanisms of dealing with art. He is convinced that art means responsibility and is a matter of personal choice.

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