Born in 1949

London, Great Britain


The first performance took place in the street where the performer seemed to exist in two play dimensions simultaneously: his personal play and that of his character – a cowboy from the Wild West who left everything and everybody and challenged his fate. The play exists at a clash of emotions: some come from the role, others form the existence that represents the role. They function in subtle matters of mood fluctuations, changes of the mimics, gestures, laughter, talk, dance, exercises, turns and jumps – that means leaving one’s own traces. The existence is built on a variety of emotions, on a passionate desire to render an idea of a Game as a truthful representation of the “reality” of the performance which is able to express one’s creative potential, the nerve of a living process.


“Extreme Anxiety” was held in an interior. A table, a phone, a cake, a bottle of coke, a handsome suit. The actor is affectionately talking to his girl on the phone, moving around, proving something, shouting, scolding, drinking, choking with coke, cake, shouting on the phone, losing his temper, still remaining in a social dimension of the action. Having lost his temper, the character gets closer to himself, turns into a free person who is dancing, moving rhythmically, getting into an exaltation of a “real” action. The spectators are already driven into the process of an individual realisation, experiencing the reality and time. In the end the performer is cleaning the floor in circle movements, wiping away his traces.