Noel Molloy

Born in1961

Roscommon, Ireland


The performance introduces the spectators into the context of events that happened 26 years ago in Ireland when a peace demonstration was shot by the English police. The criminal investigation was stopped. After 26 years of struggle the relatives and friends of the killed demonstrators insisted on renewing the investigation, which is still in progress today. The relatives strive for the truthful reflection of the events and the rehabilitation of their innocent victims. The performer dressed in white is sitting under the flag of the Republic of Ireland. The contours of 13 people are laid out with a scotch band on the floor and lit by the UV light. The song “The Twilight Zone” is heard. The performer is holding calendar papers in his hands and lets them fall down to the floor. Then falls the flag. Taped voices of the witnesses are heard. The performer is gathering the papers in 13 piles. Then he suddenly beats the piles with a metal discus. The papers are mixed. The list of the killed and wounded is read out, the performer is burning a piece of white paper.