Born in 1957



“Kurt” is a meaningless word; the one who experiences something and remains in a marked secluded space. It is a performance about a phenomenon of senseless actions and unconventional actions themselves. Spontaneity is emerging independently and resembles a rite. Things taken from the artist’s house form a fragment of an interior. It is dark. The white colour dominates in the clothing, furniture and objects. Three Bibles painted white. Some fruit wrapped in foil. A round mirror on the wall and a reflector on the floor. Tree purple fragmental drawings of heads on the wall. Some flowers, a watermelon. Hand-made aluminium toy-plane. A song in German. Kurt is crawling, pulls the plane through fire, lights it by a lamp, blows the flame off. He lights some alcohol on the table, with a hot knife cuts the watermelon, eats it and the fruit in the foil. Blows the talcum powder off from the Bible on the plane. The energy fields move in different directions from the centre of the action. The performance turns into chaos, external conventions merge into each other. Action comes after action with no sense. The energy flows spontaneously, its trajectories appear and disappear. Then the objects are put into a black bag. Kurt is looking into the mirror, holding a lighted lamp and a lighter in his hands. The lamp is thrown into the mirror. All dimensions disappear in the darkness. The performer with raised hands utters the word “Kurt”. Kurt is a phenomenon of senseless, magic gestures, which cross the measures of a myth but doesn’t transform into it. Kurt is a manneristic try to destroy conventions. Aggression is a method of intervening into a sphere of the Unknown.