Minsk, Belarus


The half-naked man is holding the naked woman wrapped in bandages into the action space. The woman is having headphones on. She is passive and indifferent. The man is notoriously and imposingly walking around, disturbing the public and making it dislocate and regroup. In the end he brings the woman to the centre of the hall, puts her on a black square cloth, starts cutting the bandages, stripping the body. Then he is slowly dressing her in a black frock and a black waistcoat. During the whole action the athletic male figure is contrasted in its firmness to the relaxed frustrated woman. Finally he is leaving the hall with the woman sitting on his shoulders.

“PRAECIPITATIO” – a chemical reaction of precipitation between the complexes of antigens and antibodies. One of the immunological reactions that makes it possible to define the composition of antibodies in the blood serum of ill or vaccinated people and immunised animals. (Taken from a Dictionary of Foreign Words – L. Rusova)