Wojciech Stefanik

Born in 1952

Wroclaw, Poland.


A parallel personal dimension where the performer has to hide from the large crowd that came to the opening of the festival is embodied in his own figure with black spectacles and an elegant suit on. The performer is lying motionless on a Persian carpet. The crowd is moving randomly over the dark hall. From time to time the spectators are coming up to the “spring” – the person lying on the carpet -- and observing him from different angles in the light of infinite flashes and video camera lights. A change in the measures of the dimension (cutting the paper bands put up between two columns) that was supposed to be the author’s responsibility happened independently under the influence of real conditions. Having entered the darkness of the hall, the crowd crossed the border created by the action and merged with the soul of the artist who experienced personal fulfilment with neither beginning nor end. This reflected the peculiarity of Minsk festival which tool place in a hall unfamiliar to the artist so the outcome seemed unpredictable. And it wasn’t occasional because reflected the changing events taking place in this country, the unsteady energies and emptiness filling all the objects and causing chaos and disorder. “NIC” means that energies act through statics which fascinates more than some action. Or may be statics is a gesture in a timeflow? NIC is emptiness, the origin of everything, an unborn action, though a fixed self-reflection.