Dzmitry Vishnev

Born in 1971

Minsk, Belarus


The performer is acting together with ”A Special Brigade of African Brothers under the Leadership of Dzmitry Vishnev”. The Palace of Arts (The National Art Gallery) that was built on a ruined cemetery has been chosen as a place for a shaman rite. The naked body of the performer in a coffin is taken from the ground floor of the Palace up to the exhibition hall with spectators. The Special Brigade is dangling from side to side with the coffin of their chief striking it on the columns and the banisters, risking to lose hold of it. Having entered the hall, they embalm the body with the paste. After that some statements from the treatise “Personality Cult” are read out:

“Objects can be eternal”

“The Vishnev object is a rare form of perversion”

“Don’t tell an object that it is an installation for an act of cannibalism can happen”

After the embalming the coffin was nailed and taken to a mausoleum to educate ignorant people.