LEVON VOLSKI & Oleg Alezis

Born in1965

Minsk, Belarus


A musical performance. Two musicians are being dressed by assistants. First their legs and hands are wrapped in bandages, then they are dressed in white gowns. All in white, they walk into an imagery “bank” behind a polyethylene curtain. Behind it there are two drums and buckets with red paint. The spectators see two vague silhouettes that start beating in the drum of fate. The drum stops. The performers sprinkle the red paint on the curtain. The diagonal sprinkles symbolise our vain hopes (“We are not getting our money today”). The drum is growing, the spectators are fascinated. Suddenly the drum stops and a bucket of paint is splashed on the curtain (“We’ll never get our money”). The splash is cross-like. The paint is flowing down. The symbol disappears.